Welcome!NOTAC is working for ...

... a stable economy that supports a healthy, balanced environment and provides working forests for people forever!

Sustainable Forestry Encourages Growth. Private forest owners ensure that quality land management, including aggressive reforestation efforts, will keep their business growing into the future. But, if the economic benefits of timber products decline, forest managers could be forced to replace forest land with urban development, yielding fewer environmental benefits, reducing habitat and recreational green space for our communities. Demand for wood products keeps our forests growing; it does not eliminate them.

Working Forests!

It is becoming widely known that alternative land use, development, and regulatory change contribute to the loss of working forests in Washington State.

A working forest is defined here as a forest that is actively managed for a sustainable and balanced delivery of social, ecological, and economic products and values.

Active management means that silvicultural practices including determination of tree species composition, stocking control, thinning, and timber harvest are planned and happen recurrently and perpetually over most of the forestland area, causing a different balance of benefits than would occur from passive management alone. Note that all working forests are managed forests, but not all managed forests are working forests.


NOTAC Represents

  • People directly employed in the Forest Products Industry (i.e., loggers, manufacturers, distributors, etc.)
  • People indirectly employed in the Forest Products Industry (i.e., service and retail businesses)
  • People receiving tax related benefits from forest revenue (i.e., schools, hospitals, roads, etc.)
  • People using forestry related consumer goods and products
  • People using forests for personal enjoyment and recreation.


Winter & Spring 2013

Olympic National Park Wilderness Stewardship Plan Scoping.

ONP is asking for public concerns, thoughts and vision for the future of the ONP wilderness area.

NOTAC Proposal

The North Olympic Timber Action Committee (NOTAC)

The North Olympic Timber Action Committee (NOTAC) firmly believes that legislative changes in the Northwest Forest Plan (NWFP) are necessary to address economic and ecological needs by clearly delineating both Working Forests (Matrix) and Wilderness. This proposal modifies HR 5995 by restoring approximately 143,150 acres of Working Forests lost in the NWFP, reducing the proposed wilderness area to 122,780 acres, and slightly changing the wild and scenic river designations.